About Us

Machine Supplements was founded on the need to perform better in the weight room and recover outside of it. After years of using various products on the market, the owners saw a need to combine benefits of sports supplements into one powerful product. This would not only save users hundreds of dollars but also provide them with a world-class product. The product was called Muscle Machine and it is now trusted by thousands of people worldwide.


Anything Machine Supplements makes has to be the best in its category. If they can’t make it the best in the world they’re not going to release it to the market. People ask, why doesn’t Machine Supplements offer cheaper verisons of their product? That’s because that’s exactly what it is, a cheap supplement, anyone can do THAT.

Machine Supplements offers the best product in each of it’s categories including an anabolic, a thermogenic and testosterone supplement.

Our formulators have over 45 years experience in the sports nutrition industry. Our supplements are trusted by customers and proven by research.

Machine Supplements is privately owned and operated. Machine constantly strives to find ways to improve it’s products and delivering a one-of-a-kind customer experience.

Quality is the utmost importance. If the ingredients are not up to standards then the products won’t ship.

Meet the Owners

Here is the duo behind the Machine Supplements and Train Like a Machine apparel!


Steve McCoy

Steve has been in the fitness business and owned health stores for almost 20 years. Steve was so impressed with the results of the orginal Machine formula he bought the rights to the product outright to sell it in his health stores. The response and demand was so great, he decided to share it with the nation.


Jennifer McCoy

Jennifer joined Machine Supplements in 2008. Jennifer has a background bodybuilding, competing and winning several NPC Bodybuilding “Bikini Division” competitions. As a personal trainer, she likes focusing on the clients, helping them with their diet and fitness objectives.